A question of style


A brand's success lies in the conclusiveness and credibility of its presentation. In our intertwined society, the brand strategy must be addressed as a whole in order to maximize results. Consumers should be confronted with consistent messages by every encounter with the brand -
in terms of communication, advertising, POS presentation or price.


Thanks to the founder’s long-term experience in management positions in international leading companies, QUESTION DE STYLE can offer a comprehensive strategy  for classical communication and public relations including social media, CRM and recommend an adequate distribution strategy for the German market.


Networking with results


Fashion, lifestyle and people magazines, as well as radio, television and internet, but also commercial partners and influencers:


We have the right contacts for You. Through our permanent and individual networking, we optimize our media choices. We can target the decision makers because they trust us and because we have learned to understand their needs and expectations.